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National Police Week

Author: Michelle Cinnamon Flores

National Police Week is from May 13th through May 19th this year. This is a time to remember and reflect on the enormous sacrifices that Police Officers do for all of us every day of the year. Every day it seems like we are bombarded in the news and social media with negative stories or even worse, horrific stories where police officers, such as Deputy Gentry of the Highland County Sheriffs, give the ultimate sacrifice in the line of work.

Here in Southwest Florida, we are all particularly sensitive to the enormous impact of our police, especially in the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida. As a parent, I would like to take moment to speak of how a smile and a hug from a police officer can make all of the difference to a child feeling safe. Today my daughter was worried about the school resource officer from the County Sheriff that is always present at her elementary school. Every day since Parkland, when my daughter gets out of the car, he has opened the door with a smile for her. Yesterday, he was not on duty at her school, but was stationed at the middle school. What struck me the most was her comment, “I am worried about MYpolice officer, he was not at school yesterday.” This police officer has made a major impact on my daughter feeling safe at school, even in the wake of Parkland. As a parent, I am full of gratitude for this officer who with a smile makes her day, every day.

National Police Week is a time to be thankful for the smallest smile to greatest of sacrifices.

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